sample of laminate productrealisation and appliance of compositessample of laminate productrealisation and appliance of composites


In the scope of our offer we realize complex projects ordered by our customers.
In our production process for polymer composite elements, we use a contact forming-hand lay-up method as well as other methods like spraying, vacuum infusion, bag molding and pressure bag molding.
On demand, we are also able to build plugs and molds from blueprints and designs provided by our customers.

We also realize, beside laminate production, projects which require usage of additional elements like e.g. finishing wooden elements or stainless steel components.

We fulfilled complex projets based on carbon in vacuum infusion processes.

We do multi-series production like GRP Pods (prefabricated baths, modular bathrooms), shower pods and other chasis or elements for industry business.

Our production infrastructure enables us to realize the most technologically advanced products like:

• fully equipped motor yachts and all types of boats;
• nacelles for wind turbines and wind mills;
• products for railway industry and transport;
• and many others required by our Clients.

We guarantee:

• highest technical level;
• quick turnaround and solid production;
• fulfillment of our customer requirements such as monolith and sandwich constructions, composite joining and many others;
• reliable terms and conditions of cooperation


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